I have been teaching Science, Maths, Biology and Environmental Science at Hawkesdale P12 College for the past 8 years. Our school has IWB's in almost all classrooms - I mostly teach in two rooms, one with a SMARTboard and one with a Teamboard. So the programs I use should be compatible with both.
For Maths classes I like to use Maths300 resources as well as Learning Federation objects available from FUSE. I have also created my own resources using the Easiteach software. For Science classes we mostly use the IWB as a screen for videos.
So I am hoping this challenge will motivate me to improve my skills and use these resources more fully.

Wednesday 16th June
I've found two useful ways to use the IWB in maths this week. We are doing a unit on fractions and decimals, so a number line with various fractions and decimals was loaded onto an Easiteach page. The students were asked to drag the fractions and decimals to the correct place on the number line - a variation on the familiar 'peg on a rope' task. We also used an image of a tanagram to work out what fraction each piece was equivalent to, by dividing each piece into equal sections and then adding. Now I need to work out how to manipulate each piece to create pictures with the tanagram pieces - surely there is some software for that?
I tried to use 'Blabbarize' to record the voice of a 'koala' - well, my voice and a picture of a koala - but I think my sound recorder may have been damaged when I bounced the laptop on the ashphalt. OOoops.So I need to use an iPod recorder or external microphone for the first IWB challenge.