Here's my Challenge to you all: add value to an existing website through the use of the IWB. Tell us how you can make the best of the website using your IWB, hopefully to enhance interactivity and to deepen leaning. Can the IWB transform a website into something more purposeful and vibrant?

Here's my example. The website gives us a wonderful clock to manipulate, showing both analogue and digital times, and allowing us the add or subtract amounts of time such as 5 minutes. I have used it in the Grade 2 and the Grade 4 classrooms.
Without the IWB, I used the site in this way: The student was given a worksheet to complete individually, with questions such as: "draw the analogue clock when the digital time is 4.52." Another question for the worksheet might be: "what will the time be 15 minutes after 11.56?"
With the IWB, use the small-group situation give the students some guidance to create their own questions for one another. Let them go for it, to explore, argue, collaborate, assist one another. These are some of the questions that they ended up using with one another: "what time do you go to bed?" "what does 11.15 look like", "what time do you start brushing your teeth in the morning and what time do you finish?"

Join in my challenge. Keep it simple. It's the chance for us all to take away an interesting list of websites that we may use ourselves, or pass on to colleagues, especially those at the beginning of their IWB journey.