The Magnifying Glass Trick

Chris Betcher - ICT Integrator, PLC Sydney

Ok, this video was not made specifically for the IWB Challenge, but rather, I made it because a couple of Year 10 students asked me how to use this particular technique for a PDHPE project they were working on. So I made this video as a bit of a tutorial for them to learn from, and also for anyone else who wanted to watch it. However, I showed it to Jess and she agreed that the techhnique contained within it might make a good challenge idea, so here it is. I haven't modified the video specifically for the IWB Challenge, but I'm sure you get the idea of what it's about.

Although I'm using it to make a simple skeleton see-through, the core idea could have all sorts of interesting classroom applications... and that's really the whole point of the IWB Challenge... to introduce you to a simple idea that YOU then take and adapt and change and build upon so it becomes useful within your own teaching and learning context.

So think about it... How could you use this idea of see-through objects? What sorts of concepts do YOU need to teach that might benefit from such a technique? Your challenge here is to learn from the video the skills you need to build such a thing, then work out a pedagogically sound way of implementing it, then documenting your results in your blog and adding it to the Leaderboard.

Good luck!

PS: I used Promethean ActivInspire to make this, as it has great tools for this kind of thing (and much more). If you're using a different brand of IWB you just need to come up with a way of replicating the core IDEA of this challenge. You don't need to (and perhaps can't) do it exactly the same way as this.... so use your imagination!

Creating SeeThru objects in ActivInspire from Chris Betcher on Vimeo.