Here is a chance for students in your class to respond to the challenge set by our class of Year 3 and 4 students.

The challenge to students is simple. Animate the objects on the IWB to produce a learning experience related to their current class units.

We were lucky enough to have Jess skype into our classroom and share some ideas about using the IWB to shape learning experiences. They brainstormed what they might challenge others with and then chose the SMART properties tool called 'object animation'. It was facinating to stand on the fringes of the discussion and hear students reflect on the best IWB tool for creating the best learning resource. They were really matching the learning content to the IWB tools.

Although this video demonstrates what they produced using SmartBoard, I'm sure that it can be adapted to almost any IWB.

I encourage you to share any feedback on the discussions tab as the students would love to read your thoughts and your student's thoughts about the challenge.

Happy IWBing

Jeff and 34J