Challenge 2 - Cloning

Whiteboard Challenge - Cloning from Danny Nicholson on Vimeo.

In Smart notebook - you can use the Infinite Cloner (right click . Infinite Cloner)
In Promethean - You can use Drag a Copy (right click > edit > Drag a Copy)
or stack several items on top of each other

Challenge - investigate how you could use cloning in a lesson resource. They try some of them out with a class

How can you use this??

dragging symbols onto weather maps / regular maps
Shapes and tessellations - have a square and a triangle - how many different shapes can you make?
Dragging labels onto diagrams
Fridge Magnet Poetry - clone an array of connecting words
counters on board games
use them as math manipulatives
vocabulary matching activities in ESL/EFL/EAL classes

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I am a freelance teacher educator in South East England, UK. I was formerly a Secondary (11-18) Science and IT teacher. I am the Science tutor on a Primary Teacher Training programme and train teachers in schools for several software companies. I have been interested in whiteboards for about 7 years and have worked for both Smart and Promethean as a freelance trainer. I am an accredited Smart Masters Trainer and have delivered training on Smartboards to schools, corporate clients and even the military!

I love using the boards for interactive activities - and try and focus on some of the simple things you can do which are so effective. Although I do like to play with all the whizzy features too!

I blog at The Whiteboard Blog and I host my whiteboard files on my Think Bank website. I can be found on Skype as danny.nicholson and on Twitter. I'm normally invisible on Skype, but fire a message to me and I usually respond :) You can also view my favourite whiteboard sites via my feed.