Challenge 4: Record, Capture and Extend THINKING

  • Extend The Learning
  • Beyond
  • The Interactive Whiteboard

1) Identify a concept or idea within an interactive whiteboard lesson.

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2a) Use the "Screen Recorder" option in Promethean to capture a sound & video version of your lesson/activity


2b) Use "SMART Recorder" or any screen capture software to take a photo or video of the concept.
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3) Upload this image or video to Voicethread. Record your instructions and then have your students respond to the concept or idea via commenting on the Voicethread. See an example here.

Listen to the podcast that spawned this idea for even more background knowledge on this.

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4) Post the link to the Voicethread page on your blog AND share it here on the wiki!

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So let's allow all the students in our classrooms the opportunity to emerge, grow, and explain their thinking.
Photo credit: its first true leaf by sa_ku_ra

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