Challenge 5

Challenge 5 - Containers

In this challenge, Australian teacher Chris Betcher shows how containers can be used to classify and sort items into multiple categories. Beyond just a simple classification task however, containers can also be used to provide instant feedback to students when an object is placed in the incorrect category, either by simply rejecting the move or by using an audio response.

The Whiteboard Challenge - Containers from Chris Betcher on Vimeo.

Your challenge is to take the essential concept of containers - that is, to accept, reject or provide instant feedback when classifying items- and use this technique to build a meaningful lesson that takes advantage of the idea.

The platform for this video demonstration was ActivStudio 3 on a Promethean Activ Board, but the essential concept can probably be duplicated by most other IWB software tools. The challenge is simply to use the idea of drag/dropped objects and build in some form of instant response when they are dragged to the correct (or incorrect) place, either with sound, a refusal to be dropped, or some other method.

Have fun. Be Creative. Share.

NOTE: You cannot create containers in SMART Notebook so please stay tuned for an alternative...

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