Challenge 6 - Capturing Reflections

For this challenge we will be looking at how student reflection and the capturing of evidence can be enhanced throuigh the use of Interactive Whiteboards and peripheral devices. For this challenge you will need one or more of the following:
  • Digital Camera
  • Audio Recorder
The idea behind it is for students to capture images and audio during their lesson then upload it onto their IWB and begin to annotate snapshots of learning so that a bank of lightbulb or "ah ha" moments can be stored to form evidence for their portfolios. Any whiteboard can annotate and capture evidence so I look forward to seeing what your student produce and read your blog posts on how students go at capturing their learning and annotating their thought processes at that snapshot in time.

IWB Challenge Number 6 from lauren ogrady on Vimeo.

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I am an learner in Melbourne Australia who has a passion for the purposeful use of technology to increase engagement and learning outcomes for students and teachers. I am currently the Secretary of ICT in Education Victoria and work as a Interactive Whiteboard Consultant for Edsoft. Previously I worked at Caroline Springs College as Head of Innovations and Teaching where I was responsible for working with teachers to improve learning outcomes through ICT.

In my spare time I am being a nerd ! Doing things like a new found love for geocaching, Second Life and aimlessly surfing the net. I also love swimming and walks along the beach under candle light.

You may know me from such films as: my Blog, twitter; Skype Lauren.ogrady; Second Life: Dewi Kittaj; or email I look forward to talking to everyone about teaching and learning with IWB's and ICT.