Challenge 7: Switch Your IWB Off

If you have completed all 6 previous challenges then you arrive here armed with a myriad of new skills.

I found it very difficult to find a final challenge that wasn't already covered and so i have focused on something that I found very important in the development of a positive IWB ethos in a school.

In summary then your blog post needs to reflect on:
  • Why did you decide to switch the IWB off for that activity? Some reflection on your reasoning for not using it for that activity.
  • Some information on what the activity was? It would be interesting to hear about learning activities that could have been done on the IWB but you decided to do it in a different way.
  • What other curriculum areas do not lend themsleves very well to the use of the IWB? Beyond the obvious subjects what other activities are better away from the boards even though they could be done on the IWB.
  • How do you go about developing a positive ethos of use within your school that doesn't generate pressure on staff to use the technology? With such a big investment the staff can often feel that they have to be using the boards.

All of this is not meant to be a negative final challenge, far from it I believe that switching off your IWB from time to time will give you space to reflect on the power it can bring into the classroom and the benefit it adds to certain learning opportunities. Just remember to switch it on again!

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I am a primary school teacher in Nottingham, UK. I am currently teaching a Year 5 class (9/10 year olds) but have taught ICT classes from Reception to Year 6. I lead ICT as a subject across the school and as well as being Assessment Coordinator I am one of the school's Assistant Headteachers.

The school has had a full complement of SMARTBoards since December 2003. I have been using them since the last year of my teacher training in 2001 when I was cheeky enough to drag a dusty box from a corridor and set it up in my classroom. It has been the single most effective piece of hardware I have used in school.

You may know me from my blog ICT in my Classroom, Twitter or perhaps you have seen the 37 Interesting Ways (and tips) to use your IWB presentation which many people have kindly contributed to.

If I am not online I am spending time with my family, playing my guitar or cooking.