This challenge asks you to create an activity that incorporates one of five techniques for providing your students with magical feedback. The primary goal of this challenge is to encourage the creation of activities that students can complete during group work, partner activities, center time, or independently because they will receive immediate feedback about their performance. The secondary goal of this challenge is to encourage you to add variety to your lessons by using different techniques to present answers to your students.

*Note: In the ducks example, the students are finding multiples, not factors! Guess I've been out of the classroom too long!:) I didn't realize the mistake until the video was finished.

This challenge is set by:

EmilyStarr.jpgI am a former fourth grade teacher and President/CEO of StarrMatica Learning Systems. My journey with interactive teaching began when I received a projector for my classroom through a grant and started integrating online interactive content into my math instruction. That was six years ago and teaching with technology has been my passion ever since.

I left the classroom in 2005 to found, an online library of K-6 reading and math interactive content. StarrMatica was built out of a desire to help fellow educators use technology easily and effectively by providing a comprehensive source of interactive content that would save teachers time and allow for individual student use at school and at home.

I share ideas for integrating interactive content into classroom instruction at ed-tech conferences and workshops, through online webinars, in ebooks and online articles, and via two blogs: The Interactive Content Cornerand Interactive Whiteboard Insights. When I'm not busy adding to StarrMatica's resources, developing new content, conducting professional development sessions or working on one of a hundred other StarrMatica responsibilities, I like to rollerblade, scuba dive, read, and go on vacation adventures with my family.

I would be glad to hear from you via Facebook, Twitter Skype: starrmatica, or email: emilystarr at starrmatica dot com