I teach Science at St Aloysius College and have an interest in the appropriate use of ICT in the classroom. I dabble in all things Web2.0 and can be found with varying degrees of disclosure on Twitter, Delicious, Slideshare and the like. I do not blog and suspect that will continue to be the case.

Academics, researchers and innovators that have influenced my thinking include: Richard MayerI, John Sweller, Alvin Trusty, Stephen Downes, Stephen Heppell, Matthew Kearney and Judy O'Connell. I have read and presented on the Pedagogy of PowerPoint and encourage educators to read Multimedia Learning and consider it's portent when designing instruction.

I have entered the 2010 IWB challenge as a vehicle to hone my skills and hope that some of this may find application in the classroom.

See the videos embedded below. Source files are available for download at my Skydrive.

Challenge 1 - Adding Your Voice - by Jess McCulloch

Challenge 2 - Cloning - by Danny Nicholson

Challenge 3 - Using Transparency - by Danny Nicholson

Challenge 5 - Containers - by Chris Betcher